Reyazul's Diary of Randomness, Volume XVIII

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Re: Reyazul's Diary of Randomness, Volume XVIII

Postby Reyazul » Sun Jul 02, 2017 4:27 am

Out And About

I had nothing else to do today, so I went to the mall to use up some gift cards that I still had from last Christmas. I stopped over at Barnes And Noble to check put their selection, and to my surprise, they actually had some stuff that I'd been looking I purchased the following:

Friedrich Nietzsche's "Human All Too Human" and "Twilight Of The Idols"
Monty Python's "The Life Of Brian"
David Lynch's "Lost Highway"

So now I own all the Monty Python movies, most of Nietzsche's writings (certainly his most important ones), and most of the David Lynch films I want (still need to get ahold of "Inland Empire" and "Eraserhead" at the very least).

Lost Highway, from what I've read, is freaky enough that it will likely keep me up all night, so I'll have to wait until I'm in the proper mood for it (and don't need to worry about getting enough sleep for work).

Later on, I went to the karaoke bar I had mentioned previously, mainly to check things out. I ended up having a pretty good meal and two draft beers at the bar area while listening to the patrons sing (surprisingly not bad). But while the food and drink were good, there were a few negatives that will likely prevent me from making a repeat appearance:

(1) Not a bathroom in sight. Kind of hard to have a long night of karaoke when you can't take a leak between songs!

(2) No songbook in sight. Both of the bars I frequented in South Carolina had books of the available karaoke songs laying around for people to peruse. This place had none. How the hell am I supposed to know what songs I can sing, then? I'm not going to just hover by the MC and ask them to search for every borderline hit song that I think might be there but might not be...

(3) That one chick wasn't there. Part of the appeal of going to this particular bar was the chance to get up and perform in front of the bitch that stood me up, rock the house, and be like "Yeah, bitch, you could have had this, but now, FUCK YOU." Even in spite of the first two problems I mentioned, I would have still found a way to do my thing if she'd been there...but instead, all I had was a crowd of 50- to 60-somethings. Not really what I was after. If I can't count on her being there on karaoke night, then there's nothing left to motivate me to put up with the other drawbacks this place has.

So, I'll have to move on. I know of at least one other karaoke place in town, so I'll maybe hit that up next weekend. Hopefully, it'll be more in line with what I expect from these sorts of establishments.
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